Why choose us

So you’ve heard it all before – we’re specialists in our markets, we’re highly experienced and networked better than anyone else; we work in partnership with our clients. We recognise that these things are all important to you, and they are to us too - but we think of them more as hygiene factors – a checklist of minimum requirements that any recruiter must tick if they’re serious about what they do. Do these claims make a recruiter unique if we’re all saying the same thing?

How many recruiters claim to truly offer something different? And how many of those have the track record and proof to back up their claims? At New Chapter, we believe we do. Here’s how:

Our approach makes dealing with us a unique experience.  Our vision is to help individuals and organisations achieve their ambitions – we see our role as an integral part of an individual’s journey through life and a company’s journey to greater success. This vision translates into a service standard and commitment to excellence that is unrivalled in the market.

Whilst everyone says that their people are what make them different, it’s the fact that our people love working for us that makes us stand out from the crowd. We don’t just offer a great environment where our people are supported in meeting their career goals with on-going training and development; we also ensure our people feel personally fulfilled whilst at work – how many companies give their employees an additional two paid holiday days a year to devote time to charitable causes?

Evidenced by our IIP accreditation, our people are motivated, fulfilled and committed – the kind of people you want to work with.